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Sussex SEO


We provide search engine optimisation, SEO, to SME's, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises across Sussex and the south east. In terms of digital marketing, we believe this to be the mother lode, the place where the largest amount of marketing gold is to be found. If you can be found in the right place at the right time, it is your chance to shine to put across your case to the prospective client, if you cannot be found, you have already lost this opportunity.


What is SEO?


Search engine optimisation is a system to increase your website's visibility via the natural search results. The natural or organic search results are those which appear once you enter a search into the search engines and a list of web addresses and web descriptions appear and from this you click on your preferred answer. The top three placements are usually paid advertisements together with the listings down the right side of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), which are also paid, they are generally on a pale light pink background certainly on the Google search results this is the case. With respect to paid advertisements many businesses work well with PPC ( Pay Per Click ) campaigns and this certainly provides a route to getting your business to market with immediate effect although a strong listing in the natural SEO rankings will drive greater traffic.


Why is SEO important


Ok, we have an understanding of SEO now why do we need it again, if you look back at the Digital Branding section, I have included a six-point plan of how essentially your products are purchased. Step one is awareness if people are not aware of you or your product they can not buy from you. This is why SEO is so important, to increase people's awareness of your business.

SEO is very, very important because the higher you are on the Search Engine Results Page the more people will visit your site. You can also target very specific areas and directly reach your required target market.

Which is why Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is now more commonly known is the holy grail of all web development.


Why Google SEO or perhaps GO as Google Optimisation


Incidentally when we say SEO we generally mean Google SEO, so why concentrate all our efforts on Google SEO, well in the current market Google takes approaching 90% of the search engine market, the latest 2016 figures show Google with about 87% mark with an improved Bing performance in second place on close to 10%, Yahoo in third place with just over 3% leaving the rest of the search engines with just about 1% of the market, so clearly it makes sense to point your SEO towards the Google search engines. So in that respect, it may be that the term should be redefined as GO or Google Optimisation. You may come across web companies affording you the chance to promote your business with hundreds of search engines, however, in reality, Google takes the lion's share with Bing making good progress and Yahoo between them making up 99% of the UK search engine market.


Local SEO


The figures above showing Google with a near 90% share of the search engine market are figures for the UK market. So for the local business, this is the market to work with. The same is true for national campaigns, working on international campaigns, I would recommend working at a national level for each country. Although Google is the clear leader in the UK, in China, for example, Baidu has almost two-thirds of the market ( 65% ), while Google has less than two percent ( 1.6% ). So first, check your national search engine hierarchy and market your website accordingly to the search engine market leaders.


Surfpixels Digital SEO Search Engine Optimisation


At Surfpixels Digital we employ essentially two methods of driving traffic to your website, advertising, and SEO. With advertising, you find the customers and with SEO the customers find you. Clearly, customers, who are actively searching for your product, are customers you know are already interested parties. Good quality and cost effective traffic can be brought through to your website.


White Hat SEO Search Engine Optimisation


At Surfpixels we only use ethical or white hat SEO techniques. We will analysis your business and then develop an SEO strategy for your website, research SEO keywords and meta tag data optimisation, so that targeted web traffic heads your way.

Within digital marketing, we believe SEO is the much stronger option and most cost effective. When faced with the Search Engine Results Pages ( SERPs ) only twenty to thirty percent of surfers click on the paid for advertisements. That's not to say we think Pay Per Click is redundant, it isn't, it's superb for building brand awareness in a very short time space. If you need instant exposure it's very effective.

SEO is important, however, if you are smaller companies, it's probable that many of your clients have come to you via networking or word of mouth or your business card i.e. they have arrived at your website directly. How many of your clients actually arrive at your site via your SEO, and how many arrive directly, this is where web analytics become an invaluable source of information, this will give you the statistics that tell you where your browsers are arriving from and what works and what does not.

Many people trawl the net hell bent on finding the cheapest products if that's not your market; use your SEO to attract the clients you do want. Most businesses are price conscious but business works on forming relationships.

Once potential clients are on your site don't waste your opportunity with a poorly performing website. This is where good web design excels, increasing your conversions by instilling confidence.



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